Miri 24k Gold Plating Services
  5 year car paint protection

The Paint Protection System provides the ultimate in paint protection for your vehicle. Just one application protects your vehicle for years against the harsh environmental elements of the outdoors. Also promotes a deep hi-gloss, easy to clean finish more durable than any other product on the market. Outlasts and outperforms dealer paint protection systems costing you 100's more. Includes foam applicator pad, easy-to-understand instructions. FOR BASIC U.S$138

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If your vehicle is more that one year old, we recommend using our  Deluxe Kit. The Deluxe Kit includes our top rated Paint Protection System, Deluxe Paint Cleaning Kit, Neutral pH Car Wash (16 oz), Terry Cloth Towel, Foam Applicator Pad, easy-to-understand instructions and our Money Back Guarantee! FOR U.S.$164

We recommend using the PPS cleaner once per year to remove any detergents or road film not removed in normal washing FOR U.S.$ 73

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How It Works

The two step process uses a technology called "Electrophoresis Dynamics", a chemical application based on a magnetic principle. The opposite poles of two bar magnets attract each other to form a strong powerful connection. When joined, the polarization creates a super bond between the two surfaces making it very difficult to separate. Here's how it works. The step 1 solution prepares the surface and sets up a positive electromagnetic charge on the paint. Next, step 2 is applied which contains the negatively charged polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE. With opposite charges attracting, the PTFE is magnetically pulled into the paint pores while all the protective chemicals in the crosslink and cure. Once cured, PTFE is fused into the paint, preventing drift, fade or degradation for years to come...Guaranteed!

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