Miri 24k Gold Plating Services


We can plate. Chrome, Copper, stainless Steel, Brass, Any conductive metal.

Car Emblems are our speciality. Without removing the badge from the car. Does not harm the paint work. But we do anything Chrome for example your Chrome Bathroom Accessory's, jewelry, Music instrument parts, Golf Putters, Belt Buckles, 1 inch letters and numbers, ETC,ETC

 Old worn belt buckles, We can clean and re-plate. Small engine parts, Wheel Rims, Golf Clubs. There are thousands of things that can be done.

 Over seas enquiries. Email me your badge type. If i can get it here. I will plate and send to you. Or you can send the badge here to Malaysia. just email me to organise payment. I do visa or Pay-pal. 

  Please if you have any questions or want a quote. just send us a email and you will get a prompt reply.


Please add any comments or questions at the very bottom of this page.

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